Music connects us all. Let’s nerd out on it.

SynapsesWhat the heck does synapses [si-nap-seez] mean? Why is your name so weird? A “synapse” in the human body allows information to travel from one neuron in the brain to another and to the rest of the body. During travel there is an exchange of transmission, reception, and therefore action or progress. Without the channels synapses provide, information does not flow!


Exploration of the particularly nerdy-creative-music stuff is encouraged because I’m obsessed and I think you are too.

Focus of this community includes: music history, gig posters, and helpful resources for creative people to be productive. I hope to have Google Hangouts and opportunities to connect through social media. Maybe you can leave a funny voice message or tell me about your favorite concert memory using my Google # Voicemail: 865-333-4578. As creative producer and consumer, I believe being inspired is important.  Thank you for seeking inspiration here.
Anna Fitzgerald


Anna Fitzgerald  (Founder)Anna Fitzgerald in Airstream

After years of working various music industry jobs, performing, and founding an arts nonprofit, I decided to cut my own groove and founded SoundSynapses. I’ll explore, research, and interview creative people and share interviews, posts, and videos.

I love music subcultures, vintage gear, recording history, and gigposters. I’ve worked with musicologists, filmmakers, musicians, artists, nonprofits, radio stations, music publishing experts, and in vinyl production. Just as the pop and crackle of a great record makes analog sound imperfectly interesting, SoundSynapses seeks to vibrate your soul. I want you to be inspired so that you can create and contribute your passions to the world- in your own way. Enjoy every Musically Inspired Connection.

Daniel Brown  (Designer)Daniel Brown- Designer

Daniel Brown is a graphic and web designer with a passion for creative music projects. This is his second venture with Anna and he looks forward to all the possibilities.