Hi- Fi[ve] with Printmaker & Musician: Heather Moulder

1. What elements of growing up in TN that have influenced your work as an artist and musician?h_moulder_gal_with_shotgun-2 

Beginning in high school, I started to get involved with The Arts Center of Cannon County in any way I could– whether it be performing arts camper, craft fair vendor, graphic design intern, or eventually board member. Specifically, my time there helping Evan Hatch design elements for Spring Fed Records, as well as exhibits for the Cannon Cultural Museum helped me discover so much art,… Read more »

Tasteful Sounds in Bloom

I’ve always been a fan of floral things, despite being a tomboy. I don’t wear flowers much, but I really enjoy jasmine tea, edible flowers, and rose flavored treats. So, I decided to find a “floral” record that would inspire my friend Miranda, to create something totally new.


She chose “Roses” by Outkast, to listen to and have out while creating her latest treat. (Totally fitting since she knows her way around Atlanta and has a great sense of humor,

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The Dreamer

By: Jason Manley– Educator, Musician, and YEAH! Volunteer

A few weeks ago, as I was driving to Nashville to visit some record stores, I listened to notorious rock and roll visionary Kim Fowley wax poetic about the two kinds of rock and rollers – the Superstars and the Dreamers. The Superstars might be the gods of rock and roll, but they would not be who they are without the true believers, the Dreamers,

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I’ll Take the Economy Seat

One of my favorite documentaries is “We Jam Econo.”
we jam econoWhy? I’m a sucker for the story of a DIY underdog. The interviews with the Minutemen are honest and raw. I wrote Mike Watt and asked him to sign a copy of Double Nickels on the Dime for a birthday present of one of my best friends. (Bingham Barnes of Glossary)
When I sent my copy of We Jam Econo with it,

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Finding My Groove

My vinyl affinity started at age 7. I was attracted to the Curly-Q Pioneer headphones my dad would wear on Sunday afternoons. I wondered why the headphones were so big and why he wanted to be alone. We had a pretty silver Pioneer stereo and I would watch the vinyl spin around, but didn’t know it produced music until one day my dad placed the headphones over my ears. Otis Redding singing “These Arms of Mine” would forever be my introduction to vinyl.

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Grandpa Berliner

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a huge nerd.  Okay, let me rephrase that, they know I am a huge music history nerd.

Anything I can get my hands on, I devour. I mean what kind of girl buys herself a defunct Yugoslavian bill so she can keep Tesla close by? Uh, a crazy one?… (Okay. Let me just put away my wallet.) Now, where was I? Yes,

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Let Your Lips Do the Playing

I’ve always loved the thought that if you can dream it, it’s probably out there…and if it isn’t out there, you can find a group to help it become a reality. On my day off, I decided to try to find a few unusual music groups that require your lungs and lips to operate. I decided to start with- the Jug, the Ocarina, and the Jews Harp. Who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired to join or form your own group.

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5 Questions with Rosie Flores

Rosie what has kept you playing guitar for over 30 years?

Playing guitar has always been a fun challenge to me. I yearn to learn more cool licks. I’m always inspired to see another person play lead and I’m always trying to figure out, how do they get that tone or what did they just play? It’s the love for the instrument that keeps me playing. It calms me to hold the neck of the guitar.

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