Music Nerd Holiday Gift Guide

$33 or Less

Cassette Bookmark1. For the bibliophile…these cassette tape bookmarks are adorable! You could use one when reading a book like “Last Shop Standing.”

Just $6 for 3.


Ticket Stub Diary


2. For the sentimental concert junky. You can at least look back on your concerts without digging for them by putting them in this cool Ticket Stubb Diary. It has room for 118 stubs. $12


Handmade Knob


3. For the musician who has everything…these handmade (in the USA) knobs by Etsy shop ArchipelagoGlass are made from rosewood. Upgrade a guitar, amp, or pedal knob. $29.99


$45 or Less

NewtonandtheApple Sound Print4. Get a special sound wave print. I found this one on Etsy (you can find anything there.) There are thousands of options. You could get an inside joke printed so only you and your honey know what it means 😉

Check out this shop: Newton and The Apple. $34.89



Joe Strummer Mural- NY


5. Tour the East Village and learn about music history. I took this tour when I was on vacation in 2012. It was full of great tidbits like how Charlie Parker’s former residence was just a few doors down from Iggy Pop’s former residence in Alphabet Park. Bobby Pinn, your guide is an approachable music industry veteran. $35


6.  Digitize your songbook with this iPad mount by Griffin Technology. It mounts to a mic stand. Share a chart, play your concerto for Grandma on Skype,  look up a song on the fly…Griffin Technology is based in Nashville and has musicians in every department and it has been tested. $39.99

$78 or less

Banana Piano- Makey Makey7. I used to make little instruments with rubber bands wrapped around different tupperware when I was kid. The MaKey MaKey had me at, “bananas become your piano keys.” It requires no programming, which is perfect for kids or people like me. Created by 2 MIT graduates with a passion for music exploration.
Purchase here. $49.95



8. Playing a fretless instrument makes you very picky about your hearing. My habit of hearing protection began when I was simultaneously in orchestra and drumline back in high school. (You can call me a nerd.) If your hearing is gone, you can’t enjoy music and that should be reason enough to get some earplugs. I found 28 different pairs on all under $78.

*A mix tape pretty much does it for me though 😉 Happy hunting – Anna