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Hi- Fi[ve] with Printmaker & Musician: Heather Moulder

1. What elements of growing up in TN that have influenced your work as an artist and musician?h_moulder_gal_with_shotgun-2 

Beginning in high school, I started to get involved with The Arts Center of Cannon County in any way I could– whether it be performing arts camper, craft fair vendor, graphic design intern, or eventually board member. Specifically, my time there helping Evan Hatch design elements for Spring Fed Records, as well as exhibits for the Cannon Cultural Museum helped me discover so much art,… Read more »

5 Questions with Rosie Flores


Rosie what has kept you playing guitar for over 30 years?

Playing guitar has always been a fun challenge to me. I yearn to learn more cool licks. I’m always inspired to see another person play lead and I’m always trying to figure out, how do they get that tone or what did they just play? It’s the love for the instrument that keeps me playing. It calms me to hold the neck of the guitar.

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